The Mission

Brand Evolving is a way of life that focuses on improving everyday. As life continues to move forward, so should we. On our path to greatness, obstacles are inevitable. Brand Evolving recognizes that we are bigger than setbacks, and we have the power to use all obstacles as stepping stones to rise and grow closer to our destiny. This power is discovered through faith, positive affirmations, resiliency and self love. Every garment is created to uplift, inspire and empower.

Brand Evolving's apparel contains two dots. These dots represent the two options life presents when you hit adversity: stop or keep going. We inspire the world to choose the latter.

"I am Evolving
I am getting better everyday 
I am going to reach my fullest potential 
Nothing will take that away."


This is a powerful affirmation created by our founder Everett Osborne. We encourage you to memorize and repeat to yourself daily. Note: Affirmations only work if you speak with confidence and belief.